Diamond Appiah rains curses on fan who called her barren

Diamond Appiah curses fan

Actress and musician, Diamond Appiah, has cursed a netizen for calling her barren.

Along with the advent of social media came cyberbullying and Diamond is the latest victim.

A netizen who goes by the username @atonsufriedrice1 claimed that the actress and philanthropist’s decision to go under the knife to get a banging body led to childlessness.

The accursed lady added that Diamond’s plastic surgery had left her barren and unable to bear children.

According to Diamond, she had received several offensive messages from that particular account on her social media.

She had finally had enough of it as she posted a screenshot of the yet to be identified user’s message and wished her nothing but doom.

”This is about the thousand time I have received the same comment from different fake accounts so Whoever is behind this account @atonsufriedrice1.. I Diamond Appiah curse u from the depth of my soul for calling me barren when Doctors haven’t declared me barren. If u already have a child or Children, I ask death to take away ur child/children before 2021 ends so that u will leave the life of a barren woman u wish for others. I will use anything I know under this sun to make sure that this curses shall come to pass and nobody can reverse it without my knowledge. If they try May death visit them and their household. Next time u won’t go round calling women who are planning their lives as barren. This is 2021, the year of war n death upon our enemies Try me n see ????????????? #BACK TO SENDER”, she vented.


Diamond Appiah curses fan
Diamond Appiah curses fan

Meanwhile, a similar incident happened in the past year as another actress, Selly Galley cursed a lady who also called her barren.

In a drama that ended in the lady going all lengths to apologise to the actress so she could overturn the curses, Selly received applause from some of her colleagues for getting even.

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