“Stop Asking People For Money In January,”-DJ Shimza

January has always been seen as the difficult month of the year where people struggle a lot financially owing to the fact that they have spent so much during the Christmas period.

People have always been admonished to save some money for January as they spend buying almost everything to celebrate their Christmas and New Year.

Owing to this, a South African DJ, Shimza has tasked people not to ask others for money in January because everyone else struggles in that month because people even spend beyond their budget.

“Stop asking people for money in Jan,” DJ Shimza wrote.

Relationships break when some people ask for something from the other and they are not able to give them, and this month of January has always had that in it.

however, if we all can understand the fact that everyone else(apart from a few people whose account balance will not be affected much regardless how much they decided to spend in December) struggles in January and so it is not the appropriate time to ask anyone for money.

DJ Shimza is, thus, admonishing people to protect their relationships by understanding that everyone is struggling and so no one should ask the other for money in January.

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