Only broke wives accommodate side chicks- Relationship Expert

broke wives side chicks

A Nigerian Relationship Expert, who goes by the name Joro Olumofin, has profoundly cautioned women against using their husbands as financial security.

In his candid opinion, a financially unstable woman opens herself up for abuse in a marriage.

Joro, in a post, advised that women gain an appreciable amount of money in their account or in investment before they venture into marriage.

According to him, marrying without enough money is a recipe for disaster since women would have to endure domestic abuse and disrespect because their husband runs the show.

He added that wives should have money to start-up their own lives away from marriage should a divorce set in.

Furthermore, the Love Doctor, as he parades himself, asserted that love is not enough in today’s world while admonishing women to have a financial lifeline before getting married.


Financial independence, in Joro’s eyes, gives women the respect they deserve in their marriage.

He ended by expressing that only broke wives accommodate side chicks because they don’t have ”vex” money.

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