Refusing to send transport money has made some guys miss their future wives – Lady

Many men have failed to meet their wives because they refused to give out transport money, this is according to a lady.

Monife is a South African lady who’s shared a very interesting post suggesting why some men are single and will potentially remain single for long.

According to Monife, many guys are ready to meet a lady they have an interest in but they miss the opportunity to take it a step forward because they do not want to be played.


Many guys have also shared several instances where they gave out money to a lady and never showed up and the money was not returned. Based on that, these guys have become hesitant anytime a lady request money for transport.

However, Monife believes these men are shooting themselves in the foot especially when they could have had the opportunity to meet their future wives if only they have sent that transport money to that lady.

While some of these men may just be stingy and do not want to commit their money to a woman they are yet to meet or because they are being circumspect, Monife believes allowing your future wife to elude you because you refused to give out transport money is a wrong move.

Tammy wrote: You people shld keep missing your future wives nd Husby cos of TP fare, na una knw

Chelsea wrote: Try and make money to support yourself stop being entitled to someone else’s money. If they want to give fine, if they don’t want to fine.

Abdul wrote: Not using your own money for transportation has made some ladies not get husbands

Maxi wrote A sign of a useless girlfriend is baby am the gate come and pay the driver

Lumi asked: Why is always the ladies coming over all the time and not the guy

Have you ever sent money for transport to a woman, did she show up? Share your experience.


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