Lady caught on camera stealing a phone in church

lady stealing phone church

It is quite ironical how a lady chose no other venue to showcase her pilfering skills than at church.

Footage from the Living Faith Church in Nigeria’s CCTV cameras shows a lady making away with a phone she stole from the church.

The fair lady dressed in a yellow blouse with black trousers kept lingering around where the phone was being charged in the auditorium.

The video shows her pacing back and forth about four times as she finally unplugged the phone, put it in her back pocket and made away with it.

Thinking she had escaped without being noticed by anyone, the camera had captured her the whole time.


From the video, some members of the church in search of who stole the phone had gone back to play the tape and identified this young lady.

Anyway, they say the church is not a court where sinners are judged but a hospital for saving people from whatever sin they may be engrossed in.

Sometimes this has its effects.

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