Gay MPs exposed by LGBTQI ladies on Mona Gucci’s Show

Gay MPs Mona Gucci

Two transgender women appeared on the most recent LinkUp With Mona Gucci Show and alleged that there are celebrated men in the country who are after their services.

The ladies were involved in an exhaustive conversation about the LGBTQI community in Ghana and their experience as Trans women in a country where it is illegal.

Madina Broni who has undergone surgery to get her male genitalia replaced with a female one stated that her dream was to marry a pastor.

She added that she was currently dating a Belgium-based Ghanaian preacher and that their marital plans were advanced.

The Trans woman stated that she had been approached by several influential men in the country.

Her counterpart Angel Maxine who was also a transgender detailed that politicians and lawyers were among some of the men who approach them on the regular.

Maxine showed the host Mona Gucci pictures and chats of a supposed “big man” who has been profusely sending him messages. 


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They added that these men only criticize the LGBTQI community just to look good in the eyes of people because they are afraid of the stigma that comes with admitting that they are not straight.

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