Mum of Rastafarian student denied admission at Achimota School speaks

Achimota School Rastafarian mum

The story of a Rastafarian student denied admission into Achimota School over his locks has been trending for days now.

The mother of the boy, Maanaa Meyers, has expressed her opinion about the whole situation.

She expressed her disappointment in the fact that the school and its management were not going to rescind their decision to not allow her son to enrol because of his dreadlocks.

Mrs Meyers speaking to the media following the back and forth between Achimota School, GES, NAGRAT and other interested bodies, insisted that the school demanding that her son cuts his hair is not right.

“I am quite disappointed because there was no room for compromise. They were only insisting that we cut the boy’s hair. I even asked if there is any compromise where we can even tie the hair a certain way where it will not look disgusting as people perceive it… and they said no,” she said

Meanwhile, there have been dissenting opinions regarding the situation because the School over the years has been admitting Caucasian students with relatively longer and overgrown hair.

The school, backed by its Old Students Association and NAGRAT, has made known its decision not to compromise on the need for the Rastafarian student to cut his hair despite an earlier intervention by the Ghana Education Service.

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