Wallet Lost In Antarctica Returns to 91-Year-Old US Meteorologist After 53 Years

A 91-year-old man in the US was pleasantly surprised to find out that someone recently returned his wallet he had lost more than five decades ago, all the way in Antarctica.

The sweet reunion now has delighted him and netizens alike.

US Navy meteorologist Paul Grisham spent a year monitoring weather conditions on the frigid continent in 1967, where he worked as a weather forecaster for a science station and airport on Ross Island. However, after 13 months when he returned to sunny California, he realized he had misplaced his wallet.

Now, thanks to the efforts of Stephen Decato, who formerly worked for an agency that does snow cap research in Antarctica, and Bruce McKee of the Indiana Spirit of ’45 nonprofit foundation — Grishman got his wallet back after 53 years.

According to UPI, the two wallets was recently uncovered behind a locker during the demolition of a building at McMurdo Station, the southernmost town on Earth. McKee, a US Air Force veteran from the nonprofit foundation, reached out to the Naval Weather Service Association for help finding the owners of the wallets. Luckily Grisham, is a member of the organization, which helped in the process of reunion.

Raw Story in its report said that the recovered wallet still contained Grisham’s Navy ID, his driver’s license, a tax withholding statement, a recipe for homemade Kahlua among other things.

Grisham told The San Diego Union Tribune that he can’t even remember losing his wallet on the continent he referred to as ‘The Ice’, but is grateful for the efforts that went in to return the item. “I was just blown away,” Grisham said the local news outlet. “There was a long series of people involved who tracked me down and ran me to ground,” he added.

“Something such as an old wallet can mean so much to someone with the memories that item holds,” McKee told the outlet, adding that being a veteran himself he loves to keep doing things for those who have served in the military.

Credit: indianexpress.com

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