“You Are Sick In The Head” Two Yolo Actors “Fight” Each Other Over A Man (+VIDEO)

Whether it’s for hype or to stay relevant, the recent feud between YOLO actresses from Farmhouse Production’s Etty Bedi and Christabel Amoabing is putting them on the spotlight.

The two actresses have worked together on several occasions and there was no evidence of them having personal issues with each other until now.

The “beef” between the actresses started after Etty dropped a video on her Instagram page to indirectly mock Christabel for crying over a man who dumped her.

Etty Bedi

Etty dissed Christabel for always crying to her fans about her relationship issues with the intentions of winning their sympathy.

She captioned the video: “How can a fellow lady threaten another that she’s gon kill her all because of a guy.. can you imagine? . You call yourself a role model, an actress n an influencer n you’re on social crying over someone’s man 😏 . Do not cry over a man..they’ll disgrace you..”

Christabel Amoabing

Well, reacting to this in a video on her Instagram page, Christabel Amoabing called out Etty for being a hypocrite and a “loose talker”. Christabel added that Etty was “sick in the head” for mocking her.

Watch video below;


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