Details: Indiana Woman Tracks Down & Runs Over Her ‘Cheating’ Boyfriend With A Car, Gets Arrested

An Indiana woman, Gaylyn Morris, was arrested after police arrived on the scene and found 26-year-old Andre Smith in the parking lot underneath a vehicle‼️

Gaylyn Morris, 26, allegedly struck Andre Smith with her car three times around midnight Thursday while he was at the bar meeting another woman.

Morris followed him to an Indianapolis watering hole, according to local news reports.

The impact of the collisions killed Smith instantly, police reported.

Morris told a witness she used an Appleairtag and GPS to follow Smith & then found him at a bar with a woman‼️ Morris told the witness that Smith was her boyfriend & that he was cheating on her‼️ She went to the bar, grabbed an empty wine bottle, and swung it at the witness and that’s when Smith got in between them and the altercation‼️ The bar told them to leave, but the woman who was with Smith stayed‼️

Morris allegedly “pulled forward and clipped the victim, and he went down, at which time … [Morris] then backed over him and then pulled forward and hit him for the third time,” an affidavit obtained by Indystar confirmed.

Image Source: Instagram @Hoodlum

Investigators said Morris went to the bar and told patrons that she and Smith were in a relationship and that he was cheating on her.

She is also accused of swinging an empty bottle at the other woman while inside the bar but it was intercepted by Smith, police said.

Morris and Smith then left the bar, and that’s when the suspect ran him down, said a witness who told cops she watched the incident from inside the pub.

Morris has been charged with murder.