Felony Murder: Man Charged With Murdering Six People; Playfully Takes Selfie With Victim’s Glasses On At A Milwaukee Duplex

A man who has been charged for his alleged involvement in six murders took a picture of himself wearing one of his victims’ glasses.

Travis Lamar Birkley, 34, has been charged with six counts of felony murder after he reportedly shot six people at a Milwaukee duplex. The victims’ bodies were found on January 23, but court documents say Birkley may have killed the individuals three days prior, CBS News reports.

The victims include Michelle Williams, 49; Donta Williams, 44; Donald Smith, 43; Charles Hardy, 42; Javoni Liddell, 31; and Caleb Jordan, 23.

Investigators caught up to Birkley through cellphone data, which included a selfie that he took. The photo shows himself and what appears to be the basement of the home where three of the bodies were found. CBS News reports that Birkley was wearing one of the victims’ glasses in the photos.

A witness told police that Birkley admitted to killing the victims with help from his cousin after their alleged drug robbery attempt went bad. No other arrests have been made, and Birkley’s cousin has yet to be identified.